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Create a equalizer 3D wallpaper

In this tutorial I will teach you how to create a 3D equalizer wallpaper in Cinema4D and Adobe Photoshop, you will learn different techniques as Cloner Object, Mograph Random Effector, Explode Objects, GI Renders...


Weekly Wall #5

This week on weekly wall we have a 3d wallpaper by SpEEdyRoBy “WHO AM I?”. Thank you, SpEEdyRoBy! Resolution: Widescreen: 2560×1600.


25+ Inspirative 3D Wallpapers

Everybody loves high quality wallpapers and because of that, I collected 27 3d wallpapers from deviantart. In this post I present 25+ Inspirative 3D Wallpapers to decorate your and others personal desktop in a...