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Designer’s Delight: Must-Have Free Resources


Two decades ago if you met someone claiming to be a “web designer” you’d be given questionable looks. Such profession was uncommon back then. But now, it is one of the most sought after professions. Especially you’ll see a lot of increase in freelance designers. As a freelance designer, you need a plethora of resources for different projects. We realized it was not an easy task, hunting for different resources all the time. As designers, we understand you need the best resources to woo your clients. You have got the creativity, skill and hard work it takes. We will just provide you a quality and easy way of reducing your workload.

Let’s go ahead and checkout some FREE resources we sourced out for you.

1. A Killer Free PSD Template


The world is now online. Everyday there are thousands of new websites coming into existence. In order to stay different, you need over the top designs for your website. This free template for Education related website offers you exactly that. In case you needed further motivation to buy this, let us tell you that this template boasts of:

  • One Page Design for a modern design Homepage
  • Attractive Slider with thumbnails
  • A Trendy Accordion gallery
  • Filtered portfolio
  • It has Cross Browser Compatibility
  • You get Free Web Fonts too!
  • Go ahead and get this template already!

Download Here


2. 50 Unique Tessellation Pattern Vector Background


Tessellated are super trendy and a super sophisticated way to depict your designs. With the evolution of 3D printing, 3D designs have found a new demand. Even though this art form is ancient, it has made an incredible comeback with a bang and were here to stay. These unique 3D patterns consist of different geometrical shapes and patterns which are in turn used in these vector backgrounds to give it a mesmerizing look. Apart from using these backgrounds as headers, you can use these patterns on posters and flyers as well. So download these patterned backgrounds and give them a try in your latest projects.

Download Here

3. Create Eye Grabbing Photos with these PS Actions


Symufa has carved its niche into the PS Actions Market. They are well known for their LightroomPresets and unique PhotoShop Actions. Using these PS actions, you can effortlessly transform your stock images, and give them the professional look. You can keep the photos subtle or just dazzle them with these 15 free PS Actions. They’re compatible with PhotoShop CS3 to CS6, PhotoShop Elements 8- PSE11.

Download Here

4. One of the world’s largest icon provider is here!


Smashicons have over a whopping 14,0000 icons in their library. DealFuel chose the 200 best and had gotten to you a smashing bundle of flat icons you can’t resist.

And why they are different you ask? Well apart from their pretty slick designs they also provide these icons in a sketch format! To summarize, this must have bundle is loaded with features like:

  • 200 alluring flat icons
  • Source files available in AI and PS
  • Sketch version for all the icons
  • Royalty free license along with detailed documentation

They also had 30 free exclusive coupons but they must be expired by the time you’re reading it. Still, want to give it a try? Go ahead … try your luck!

Download Here

5. Royal Free Graphics Absolutely for Free


You can use absolutely each and every graphic here in your designs. Trust us. This cute graphics can make a superb background for some invitation. These vectors will be a cool addition to some wedding photos or any event photos to create some whacky effects!

That’s not all; you can use these graphics on your personal blog and website. These graphics have a friendly vibe to it, and looks attractive. It also complements the overall aesthetics of your website. And incorporating these designs in your website is extremely easy. All you need to do is install the designs, if required, tweak them according to your needs.

Download Here

6. Business Badges to the rescue


Ever wondered how to you accomplish online credibility? By Putting in badges off course! Consider there is some product which is FDA approve; you’ll always find an FDA approved badge there. Similarly, if you have to list out some product as Sold out, these badges can come handy. There are numerous ways you can incorporate them into your designs. We leave it your imagination and skill and let you have this great product. With these badges you can mark your product as Fragile, Exclusive, Original, Sold Out, Free and much more. These badges can be used in all types of auction and e-commerce websites, and would increase the readability of your website leaps and bounds. Checkout the preview here and get your hands on it today!

Download Here

7. Sassy Social Media Icons


Let’s be honest. Every site owner wants to embed social media icons on their sites. No one and we mean it, absolutely no one these days demands sites which lack social media integration. People want to increase their social presence, want to be the talk of the town and these icons precisely do that.

They are user friendly in a way that they can be used even with a darker background or a lighter one. The choice is yours. With these sassy social media icons, your viewers would be able to effortlessly share your website content on social media, and help you by amassing a lot of incoming traffic. So download these sassy icons and get yourself ready for the onslaught of traffic.

Download Here

8. Sleek Infographic Elements


Statistics prove that people remember 80% of what they see and do, compared with just 20% of what they read. Infographic is proving to be the best way to depict knowledge. This pack of infographic elements will help you make the best infographic which will be an eye candy for the users. These elements include:

  • Specialty Graphs
  • Accurate Charts
  • Speech bubbles
  • Smart mobile phones
  • Colourful Silhouettes

Using such variety of Infographic elements you would easily be able to sculpt you custom infographics and show your business’ data to your viewers. Infographics no only makes sharing data in a concise manner easy and attractive, it also helps in preserving your expensive website real estate.

Download Here

9. 96 Vector Icons


Being web designers, we’ve noticed that kitchen/restaurants, medical and business logos are the most used and hardest to depict. It is not easy to find icons for such niche category let alone find a quality one. But thanks to DealFuel, you search ends here.

By downloading this free resource, you get:

  • 32 absolute flawless and clean business/finance icons
  • 32 deliciously attractive kitchen/restaurant icons
  • 32 life-saving medical icons

You can use them to create medical websites, enhance the look and feel of business websites or food blogs. You can even extend the usage of these icons and use them in your presentation.

Download Here

10. Creativity Booster Design Resources


We all need a little push to go ahead sometimes. Sometimes when we are stuck at a dead end and can’t think beyond we all look for some inspiration. These design resources are the perfect inspiration for your design projects.

If it were us, we could have used these backgrounds for some travel blog. Don’t they look perfect for such project? Why don’t you use them and let us know how they are!

Download Here

Creativity, we all have it. Only some of us are blessed to portray it. All we need is the right resource at the right time to deliver the finest of the designs and make our clients happy. So rather than creating your design elements from scratch and wasting your precious time, these free resources from DealFuel, would definitely delight for us. So folks, check out these resources and transform he way you approach your design chores.


Author bio:Swati is a nature-freak, loves traveling and capturing unforgettable memories along the way. She loves singing and driving – often, both at the same time. Her favorite passtime is to hangout with her family and friends. She believes in work hard and party harder. Swati is responsible for updating DealFuel blogs – a daily deals site for web designers and developers with some really good deals and freebies.”

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