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40 Beautiful Examples of Still Life Photography

Still Life is a work of art that allows the photographer to create his photo having full control over mood or lighting. Subject is typically commonplace objects (food, flowers, plants,  jewelry, coins, drinking glasses, books etc.). Below you can find some great examples. Enjoy and share!

Zero Gravity by Eibo-Jeddah

What life is made of… by DianePhotos

Viridity by Karisca

Thirsty? by brokenbokeh

Tea Lover by TurquoiseGrrrl

Take My Hand by ih8m0r0nz

Supreme cookie by Alephunky

Strawberrys by spanjebob

SPLASH by Shoayb

s i l e n c e by gutterface

Rainbow cake … by aoao2

Polaroid Picture by The-Exs-And-The-Ohs

P H O T O 29 by ll-Miss-Dolly-ll

Outsider. by dragonfly-oli

m u s i c by michellis13

LOVE by Frenzyy

In Blue by ShadowinLight

goodbye, summer… by sunnyxoxo

Fork vs. Spoon by magicalliopleurodon8

Day 124.365 by Lady-Tori

Dryas II by Dieux-Faux

Do i smell something by popoks

Yum-Yum.. Taste The RAINBOW by light-from-Emirates

Cup of Time VI by Aracari

colours of owl by tomatokisses

Coffee splash cup by guszti132

Colorful . … by light-from-Emirates

Broken Down.. by JONASADDICT2

live without coffee, by ARIANA1985

bathing in sunshine by lpdragonfly

another rainbow. by LittleBlackUmbrella

An Apple A Day…. by jangopop

106308212011 by akoSiTangLaw

Day Twenty-eight – Drink Me by Lady-Tori

Day One Hundred and Fifteen by Lady-Tori

Cherry on Ice by naked-in-the-rain

absorb. by Camiloo

Could be by popoks

Music by PoisonGirl-sts

I Heart Danbo by BatDesignz


  1. I really appreciate that you’ve featured me here!
    It’s a lovely feature.
    I especially love the strawberries photo because it resembles a heart and chocolate sauce resembles it’s arteries.
    This article is a good reminder of what still life photography really is;Interesting,surprising,full of mood and color and fun!

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