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The CompTIA CTP+ Certification Validates Skills in Voice and Data

Experts in data and voice technologies or individuals interested in getting involved in this area of expertise should waste no time in earning the CTP+ certification available through CompTIA. In this professional program, participants will get the chance to work directly with convergence technologies in data, telephony and convergence networking. Two main aspects of this career pathway will be covered: selling and servicing data and voice technologies. Each one will prepare candidates with current information and an in-depth look at particular components of each technology.


By taking the CompTIA 65 question exam, participants will have certified knowledge necessary to work in roles such as network administrator and field support technician. Upon earning the certification, candidates will have a complete understanding of the specific steps and processes of implementing and managing components and multimedia applications related to data and voice technologies. The ability to analyze requirements and common obstacles is also a part of this certification’s backbone.

As a convergence technology professional, skills in data and IP networking, convergence networking and voice technology management will be mastered. Individuals becoming certified as hardware experts are recommended to take this CompTIA exam and earn this certification as one of five available in that expertise. Because this is a professional level exam, the content will provide a challenge to all participants – questions will rely on knowledge and skills that are gained outside of the classroom, by working hands-on with the technologies and performing the processes that require strong foundational knowledge and the ability to incorporate concepts on a daily basis. CompTIA suggests that at least a year and a half of experience with convergence technologies is had before attempting this exam.

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