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How to Select the Right CompTIA Certification


CompTIA offers a wide range of certifications for individuals of various backgrounds. In most cases, choosing an exam will be easy. Many candidates will come to CompTIA as a source of verification. After working for many years in a specific IT field, participants can earn a certification as a way to advance their career to new levels. A certification can provide opportunities that were unavailable, opening doors to new jobs and levels of success. In these cases, workers will know exactly which certification to go to.


In other cases, individuals may be interested in switching careers, which can lead to many certification options. Candidates should have an idea of what new field they are looking to get into, and may also apply their experience when making a decision – if the field is connected to the field they were previously in, or if the fields overlap in the information they contain (for example, the network and security fields often go hand-in-hand with each other), only one certification may be necessary.


However, if the new field is entirely different, going back to basics may be the best decision. The Strata IT Fundamental certification is perfect for bettering basic skills and ensuring that you are ready to make the next step forward. This certification is also ideal for individuals fresh out of college or who are returning to the IT career after many years off.

Although many certifications are specialized, some, such as the A+, are great for general IT roles. Numerous options are available in networking and security fields, while several certifications can improve skill and understanding in a specific area of expertise. Regardless, candidates should research each certification and related job roles before making a decision. All information and assistance can be obtained by going to and the CompTIA website.

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