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All you need to know about Apple App Previews with examples

After the relase of iOS 8, app previews started to show up on the mobile App Store. Before I will start to show you some examples, let’s find out what are these App Previews.

In June, Apple announced that every iOS developer would be able to upload a 30 second preview of their app to the App Store and the video will appear next to the actual screenshots. In a session called Creating Great App Previews at WWDC 2014, they presented how easy is to make a preview and showed the Do and Don’ts of the preview.


– make sure the content of video is captured from your app

– choose a portrait or landscape orientation

– you can use text cards or narration

– you can include background music as long as you have rights for it

– keep the video thumbnail rated 4+

– overlay a “requires in-app purchase” when you show something that requires that


– do not use real-world video footage unless you have a camera app

– do not use copyrighted content without permission

– do not use data or names that belong to real people (use fictive instead)

– do not reference sales or seasonal messages

– do not exceed 30 second limit (the video will be rejected from the start)

Because video are limited to 30 seconds, you must make a plan to tell your story. You must limit to a 3-4 things that you want to show, show interactions, animations and stand out in a crowded store.

App Preview Video Examples

Because you can only see the video only if you visit the App Store  from a device running iOS 8, I made a selection with some of the best App Previews yet.

1. Mondly App Preview

2. Star Walk Kids App Preview


3. Octagon App Preview


4. Star Walk 2 App Preview


5. Endless Reader App Preview


6. Endless Alphabet App Preview


7. Codea App Preview


8. Spottly 2.0 App Preview


9.  Sky Guide App Preview


10. Clear App Preview


11. Where To 7.0 App Preview


12. Table Tennis Touch App Preview


13. Yummy Mania App Preview


14. 1Password App Preview


15. Yahoo Weather App Preview


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