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Increase your profits and decrease your expenses with these free design resources

Be it a personal project or a commercial one, creating each and every web element from scratch can take up much time. It does provide you much freedom to inject your innovations, but in order to make your project a profitable venture, you need to think of an alternative approach. Moreover, what better way than to tweaking few existing elements and incorporating the same.

DealFuel has come up with a brilliant solution and provided all its registered users with a spectrum of design elements and tools that would ease every web design tasks. All these resources are well categorized in accordance with their specialty and can be downloaded and used with utmost ease. Moreover, to add up to the advantages, DealFuel allows you to get these indispensable resources for free. So, let’s dive in and find out what these free design resources have in store for designers.

1. Stylish logo set


A brand logo single-handedly showcases what the business stands for. It needs to create an impact and should be simple enough so that it lingers in the memory of everyday users. This set of stylish logo set is mainly targeted towards the fashion, health care, consultancy and medical industry. This set of 6 logos consists of the bare minimal design that can be referred to you while sculpting a brand new logo for your client or yourself. They are royalty free and can be used unlimited times by a single user.

Download it here.


2. Multipurpose business icons


The receipe for creating business icons are simple, efficient and professional. Also, this set of 50 versatile business icons sticks to these parameters perfectly. The icons have a flat appearance, are self-explanatory and can be used to denote multiple business terminologies. They are potent enough to enhance the robustness of a company website and also act as useful aids during business presentations. They can be easily downloaded in 2 pixel perfect sizes and implemented on various templates and themes.

Download it here


3. Vector badges


This set of 16 different vector badges is extremely helpful for e-commerce and auction websites. These vintage vector badges can be used to denote the authenticity, composition and originality of a product. These badges increase the readability of your website and enhance the overall appeal immensely. They can be instantly downloaded and used for commercial and personal projects.

Download it here


4. Free social media icons


Integration of social media plays a pivotal role in the popularity and reach of every website. However, due to its extensive usage, the look and feel of these social media icons has become monotonous and dull. Therefore, it is time to spice up your website’s look with these unique icons. This set of 48 free icons look stunning and is compatible with both dark and light backgrounds. The vibrant color of these icons provides a fresh perspective and draws the attention of your viewers almost instantly. These 32px icons can be instantly downloaded in different formats and used according to your needs and requirements.

Download it here


5. 3D App mock up


The tech-savvy audience has been engulfed by various mobile apps that have eased their day to day lives. Due to such heavy usage of mobile apps, they have become accustomed to its high-quality look and feel & distinct user interface. So, it time for our website to embrace the same. With this amazing 3D app mockup, you can make your website imitate the form factor of a mobile application. It looks realistic, has a clean and simple design and also features a 3 dimensional view. The PSD of the mock up can be readily downloaded and used on your projects to give it a complete makeover.

Download it here


6. Banner Rotator widget


Your website has a limited space, but with this rotating widget, you can utilize your website space effectively. This rotating widget allows you to put ads, videos or content over the rotators, which change at periodic interval of time. In this way, you can reutilize a space, a number of times. The banner rotator is completely responsive and can be used for vertical as well horizontal orientations.

Download it here


7. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial


Adobe Illustrator is a well know tool for amazing graphical contents for websites, short videos, and even films. This basic tutorial provides blow by blow description of all the important features that one should know to be an expert on this subject. The tutorial encompasses over 41 lectures spanning 10 hours that would make you an Adobe Illustrator sensei.

Download it here


8. Wedding and Edge Templates


This resource consists of two extremely helpful templates. One is an edge template PSD, which can be used to create elegant and artistic portfolios for photographers, artists or a fashion brand. The other being a wedding template, can be used as a web based marriage invitation page. Both these templates are responsive and has a layered styling. They are easy to work with and are completely customizable.

Download it here


9. iPad Air mock-ups


If you are designing a website that caters to web development life cycle or software testing, in general, then these mock-ups are the must have items. This pack consists of high-quality mock-ups of iPad Air and comes in 2 shades. They can be used to represent a device emulator or on general websites to show how a website would behave when accessed using iPad. These mock-ups can be easily downloaded and used according to your needs and requirements.

Download it here


10. Cloud stock images


Are you tired of using similar images and textures for your websites’ background and banner, and want to try out something different? Then cloud stock images are the perfect resource that would provide you the escape that you long for. These set of 25 stock images are of high quality and were taken at different times on a cloudy day. These images can be instantly downloaded and modified according to your needs, and implemented on commercial as well as personal projects.

Download it here.

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