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Remarkably Useful Plugins to Find Images For Your WordPress Blog

If you’re running a WordPress blog, then merely adding great content won’t help you drive reader’s attention towards your blog posts. Essentially, you’ll also need to focus on adding some captivating images, also popularly called as featured images, in your post to encourage viewers to read your posts.

Wordpress Plugins for Images

However, it is very important for you to choose the right images for your blog. Perhaps, you will start looking for the photo-sources available over the web to find featured images for your WordPress blog post. But, with so many different photo-sources online, browsing through each of the image sources and finding the most suitable images can prove horrendously challenging.

Wondering what’s the best way to find images for your blog post?

There are many useful WordPress plugins that helps in finding the images ideal to be used for your blog post without having to exit your WordPress site. Such plugins are mainly created for searching stock photos containing Creative Commons license that can be used on any blog, as well as, web pages. But, before knowing about these plugins, make sure to understand if it’s legal to use someone else images or not. Especially, when want to use free images keep in mind that they’ll be available under some type of license such as Creative Commons or any other.

In this post, we’ll review 5 of the best WordPress plugins you can consider when finding the creative commons licensed images for your blog posts.



If you’re interested in downloading free images from sites such as Flickr or Pixabay, then the ImageInject plugin (previously known as WP Inject plugin) is worth a try. This plugin helps in inserting free images into your blog post(s) in just 3 clicks.

The best aspect about the ImageInject plugin is that advanced users are allowed to make improvements to the plugin using the plugin’s settings page.

Getty Images

getty images

If you wish to add still imagery in your WordPress posts, then Getty Images plugins best fit your needs. As the name implies, the plugin lets you search for Getty images and even allows using them without leaving your WP site. The best part about this plugin is that it provides more than 50 million embeddable images free of cost.

What’s more? It even gives the ability to preview the images before getting them posted. And, you can even save the images you like in the WordPress Media Library, you wish to use in the future. One important thing you must know about the plugin is that it doesn’t come with any settings. In fact, a new button gets added corresponding to your WordPress post “Add Media” button, clicking on which helps to locate and place the embed link (not actual images) into your blog post.



If you want to add Flickr photos licensed under Creative Commons in a super fast manner, then look no further than Compfight. It is an amazing plugin that helps you quickly locate images using the button it adds next to the Add Media button, and even helps add them into your WordPress post in just a single click.

Using Comfight plugin can prove a huge time saver for webmasters involved in creating moockup for clients.



Another great WordPress plugin to search for free images from Flickr is PhotoDropper. With this plugin, you get to choose from a huge collection of free images (i.e. over 243,800,000 images), thereby eliminating the need to visit different sources ideal for your blog posts.

However, you may find adding photos using PhotoDropper a bit slow compared to the previously discussed plugins, as it adds photos to the posts in 4 clicks. But, it is definitely a great plugin to use for professional or novice bloggers, blog editors, magazines and many more users.

Pixabay Images

pixabay images

Are you a fan of Pixabay images? Well, then you’ll certainly find the Pixabay plugin a perfect fit for your blog posts. The plugin just as the name suggests enables you to use Creative Commons images available on the Pixabay site – without having to add a back link to the source. You can choose to add the images from Pixabay anywhere on your WordPress post with just one click.

The plugin allows you to look out for pictures from the toolbar of WordPress text editor. Additionally, you can even filter search results on the basis of photo type and/or orientation.

Final Words

Whether you’re a novice WordPress blogger or an experienced one, if you’re serious about blogging, then you’ll probably look out for images that are perfect to be added to your posts besides adding quality content. In fact, you’ll most likely be aware of the several image sources available online providing access to free images.

However, choosing the right photos for your blog posts can be a time-consuming task. But, using the WordPress plugins such as the ones mentioned above will help make the task of finding “Creative Commons Licensed” images a hassle-free task for you.

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