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Tips to Create a WordPress Design You Shouldn’t Ignore as a Designer

As a web designer, when working on a client website on WordPress, its easy to become overwhelmed by the wealth of choices available online. In simple words, you may find several design resources suited for creating a WordPress site tailored to fit your client needs. But, you may still fail to deliver a winning website, that guarantees high conversion and low bounce rate.


Wondering why?

Often when creating a WordPress site, you may miss to focus on the designing aspects that can make or break your website design. However, while paying attention to other crucial aspects such as making the WordPress site search engine optimized, visually appealing and so on, it’s easy for web designers to overlook other simple yet vital components of a website.

For instance, how your site is delineated, what color scheme, typefaces and images are some of the commonly neglected elements of a website design – that actually determines how successful your website design may turn out. Below are a few tips that you shouldn’t ignore when creating a WordPress website design:

Creating the Right Color Schemes For Your WordPress Site

Color can have a great impact on your site visitors’ mood and can even influence their behavior. But, using the right color scheme for your WordPress site can be tricky. It is very important for you to choose colors in the right way, which requires understanding your client requirements.

For example, when building a site that is intended for kids, you should avoid using dark color schemes as kids love to view colorful things. And so, you should rather focus on using bright and vibrant colors.

When designing a WordPress theme, the color that you’ll choose wouldn’t be just limited to the background text. You’ll also need to consider color choices made for the title, navigation menu items, logo, etc. For instance, the WordPress website links can have 3 color choices: unvisited, hover and visited.

Thankfully, there are many free tools online that can help in choosing the right color scheme for a WordPress site, such as:

  • Adobe Color CC: Created by Adobe, Color CC is a flash-based library that helps capture colors and create an inspiring theme using those colors.
  • Colors on The Web: This is an excellent tool for designers that enables them to experiment with different colors shades and hues.
  • COLOURlovers: A community of designers where they can share their ideas about colors and a lot of other stuff.

Use Pictures (or Images) to Tell Your Story

Images are one of the most viable means to grab your visitor attention, and keep them engaged. In fact, images can help communicate things in a better and highly interactive than words. Adding images in a WordPress powered site is pretty easy, as they can be stored and managed in a single place i.e. Media Library. However, there are different ways through which images can be added to the WordPress website, listed as below:


Add Images Via Pages/Posts: You can add your images while writing or editing your website pages or posts. For this, you’ll need to utilize the “Add Media” button give just above the editor box, as shown in the image below:

This will open up a window with multi-file uploader – that allows to drag-and-drop your image. Or else, you can select the file uploader using the file selector.


  • Add Images To WordPress Media Library Directly: You can upload your pictures in any future post directly to the Media Library. To do so, access your website admin dashboard screen, and from there move to Media → Add New. Here, you’ll get the option to upload many different images.
  • Adding Images By FTP: This step is ideal for professionals, who’re familiar with an FTP program. This allows to upload images to the “/wp-content/uploads folder”.

 Great Fonts Help Delivers Positive User Experience

Great website content when written using subtle and good color schemes and images can help in capturing your visitors’ attention. However, making the right font selection is equally important to deliver a positive experience to users. That’s because, fonts used in your website help in reflecting your brand’s personality.

What’s more? The use of right fonts help in making your WordPress website stand out from the crowd (i.e. other websites) using the age old fonts like Arial, Times, Helvetica, etc.

Fortunately, you can choose to add custom fonts in your existing WordPress theme or the one you’re customizing to freshen up its style. For this purpose, you’ll first need to find the font of your choice from sites like Adobe Edge Web Fonts, TypeKit or others. The site you’ve selected to obtain font will provide you will some embed code. All you need to do is to add that code onto your site’s admin area.

Wrapping Up

In order to make your WordPress website design enticing and engaging for your customers, all you need to ensure is that the design is uncluttered and easy to understand. And, this can be achieved by making the right use of colors, images and fonts. Make sure to choose color schemes that best suits the personality of your brand, use images that help deliver your message to customers in an engaging manner where words fail and so on. Though, you may find working on these little aspects time-consuming. However, once completed, they could really make a difference between the success and failure of your site.

Author Bio :

Sophia Phillips is an expert frond-end & WordPress developer. Currently, she is employed with WordPrax Ltd.- a leading PSD Design to WordPress theme converter company.

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