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The Fundamentals of Creating a Great Business Card

The Fundamentals of Creating a Great Business Card

Thinking of art as a competitive industry is a bit of a stretch for most people—they don’t think “competition” unless they see burly football players mowing each other down on the field.

But as a designer, you know the truth. Art is one of the most competitive fields there is. You can be one of the best designers in your niche, but the second you turn around, there’s some up-and-coming artist trying to steal your clients.

So how do you fend off all the competition?

You can start with a custom business card. Although it sounds simple, business cards are actually a great way to show off your design skills the instant you meet a prospective client. A quirky, cool design on your card will impress them because they’ll see what you can do in a tiny amount of space.

Company Folders has put together these eight easy steps to business card design to teach you just how a business card can show off your design skills. Read on to learn about custom die-cuts, weird manufacturing materials, and more!

Business Card Design Infographic


  1. I found as a designer, knowing the truth of art is one of the most competitive areas there are. If you are one of the best designers in your business, there’s ALWAYS a budding designer attempting to steal your buyers.

    How do you fight off your competitors?

    Yes, a custom business card sounds simple, but business cards are a brilliant way to present your design abilities as soon as you meet your prospective buyer. An outstanding design on your card can impress them as they will see what you can achieve in just a few seconds.

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful collection.

    I also work as a designer for creating business cards. Thanks for the new ideas for inspiration.
    You can work

    I will be grateful for the comments to my layouts

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