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SEO Best Practices to consider when making a website


SEO Best Practices

For all businesses, websites have become the most important asset that they can possess. That’s why it should be designed and developed with attention to details, and one of the most important factors is SEO. Getting ranked higher in search engines is the best way to find potential customers for any business.

Here’s a list of the best practices, presented by Sydney SEO, to take in consideration when you start working on a new or existing website.

Unique Page Titles

All pages must have a separate title attribute that needs to be unique so in that way, the search engines can’t make out an assumption that is the same subject on all pages.

Meta Attributes

Meta attributes are used to specify page description, keyword and other metadata that are not provided in the page header. Helping search engine crawlers to better locate web pages and describes the website content.

Responsive Design

Building a responsive website enhances your SEO efforts and improves your rankings on search engines. The design must adjust to any devices such as PC, Desktop, Tablet or Phones this way your users can have a better experience on your website.

Keyword in Title

The title tag is one of the most important elements for search engine optimization. Important keywords must be placed in title tag in the first 60-70 characters of it because search engines like Google do not index after that.

URL Tricks

Small changes can have a big impact on SEO. Here are some URL tricks to consider:

  • restrict length to 110 characters
  • use dashed and hyphens to separate words
  • focus on location keywords for local rankings

Secure your Website

Another best practice is to secure your website, that means you should buy an SSL certificate even if your website doesn’t use personal information of the visitors. Recent studies show that secure (https) websites can rank higher than unsecured (http) one.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not an easy task but all your efforts will be paid off when you will see your website sitting on the top of search engines results.

What best practices you have implemented in your website SEO? Feel free to share them with us in a comment below.

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