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7 Ways to Kickstart Your Design Inspiration

7 Ways to Kickstart Your Design Inspiration

Do you ever feel like you need a fresh approach to your work? Are you surprised that your work has started to look similar and even run together in style? Everyone needs a fresh look at their work from time to time and this couldn’t be more true for designers. As a designer, you are constantly creating work that should be fresh, innovative, and inspiring to others – but what about your inspiration? Here are 7 ways you can kickstart your design inspiration.

Take an Inspiration Trip

Travel more. Traveling is the best way to get outside your routine, experience new people, and gain exposure to new ideas. These trips don’t have to be expensive or even time-consuming. Try a day trip to a nearby beach or take a weekend to explore a new town.

Inspiration Trip

Attend a Workshop

Sometimes working in design can take the from creativity. Be sure to seek out creative experience purely for the sake of your enjoyment. Workshops can be a great way to expose yourself to new ideas.


Take up Another Creative Art Form

Have you ever been interested in drawing? Or maybe dancing? Even learning trapeze? Take time for yourself to pursue these other creative outlets and you might be surprised by the way they affect other areas of your life.

Creative Art

Read About New Tricks and Tools

As designers, sometimes we get too comfortable with our routine, which can leave little room for growth and inspiration. Even if you’ve been working with the same process for years, it can be good to battle complacency by exploring new options within your own tools. People are constantly pushing the limits of graphic design software, creating new plugins such as brushes and shortcuts. Add some to your graphics toolkit to accomplish new advances in your designs.

Wander Around with Your Journal

Slow down and look up from your phone. Taking in the world around you can surprise you – inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.  journal can give you more freedom than keeping notes on your phone. Writing and making sketches can inspire us not only because we’re using a different medium, but also by allowing your mind to wander.


Surround Yourself With Other Creatives

Surround yourself not only with people who share your industry, but also seek out people who are passionate about activities that are different from your own. Passions are contagious. If you befriend others that are actively seeking creative pursuits, you’ll continue to be moved by the muses of others.


Check Out a Museum or Art Gallery

When you’re in need of a quick inspirational jumpstart, make an hour or so for yourself and check out a local museum or gallery. It’s even better if it’s in a field different from your own. Take your focus outside of your own work and allow your mind to wander in other people’s art.


What are some ways that you kickstart your inspiration?

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