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Why a Good Exhibition Display Revolves Around Your Graphics

Why a Good Exhibition Display Revolves Around Your Graphics

Often when designing an exhibition stand, the graphics tend to be overlooked. Graphics disseminate the message that you wish to communicate about the product or the company. They also catch the eyes of those in attendance. The exhibition stand graphics have the power to make or break your stand, they’re the most important component. While trying to save some money, people overlook graphics – but they do not understand that poor graphics are not worth the risk if you want to have a successful exhibition.

It only takes the attendees a few minutes to walk past your booth on to the next, this means you only have a couple of minutes to showcase your brand and attract them to stop at your stand, rather than walking past it. If you are a small company that is just establishing their brand, it will be much more difficult to capture their attention.

You can use eye-catching graphics not only to make a great first impression but to also convey a message. Here are some ways you will benefit from outstanding graphics.

Memorable Company

Make your company memorable

An effective exhibition display usually combines creativity, drama, and design to make a lasting impression on the attendees. If the display is not interesting, it will be lost in the sea of other stands and you will not stand out. Having an interesting stand can go a long way in attracting new leads. To make the graphics stand out, positioning is vital. You must decide what graphics you want to be seen across the exhibition floor and those that you want to be seen from a close distance.

Graphics placed at higher levels grab attendees’ attention from a distance hence your booth has a better field of vision. Important elements to the business should never be placed at the lower levels, this includes company logos and product details. If they are placed at a lower level visitors tend not to notice them. By investing in a custom-built exhibition stand, you can modify its appearance more creatively to stay in keeping with your quality graphics.

Design Wireframes

Creating trust

If the graphics used at your stand are modern, sleek and professional – attendees will trust your brand. Sleek and professional graphics are an indication of a well-planned and organised stand. This reflects on your brand as a whole. When the graphics are poor, it indicates that the company is not doing well or perhaps it does not know how to market itself. Poor quality graphics will reflect poorly on your company.

When having the graphics designed, it is important to keep in mind that the visitor has less than ten seconds to read as well as absorb the message on the graphics. It should, therefore, be concise and convey the message you wish to portray. Pay close attention to the details. It would be such an embarrassment to have a misspelled word on your graphics. This sends the wrong message to the visitors.

Tell a Story

Tell a powerful story

The graphics should tell a coherent story about your business or product and why you are exhibiting. The details on the graphics must have a nice flow and they should work well together with the text, colours, and pictures. The text must be legible from a distance; therefore, you should stay away from fonts that are stylized. The company logo should be of high resolution and should not be distorted in any way.

Go big if your budget allows for custom sized graphics. Have the graphics printed on the largest possible size which will grab the attention of visitors from across the floor. Banners have become very popular in exhibitions. If your budget can cover the cost having a few banners work to your advantage. On an exhibition floor full of competitors, you must try creative ways to outshine them.

Signage is your key attention grabbing tool and for it to work effectively, it must be well done and be creative. When visitors take interest in your stand, your staff should be well prepared to give them finer details about your company and your products. If you don’t know the fundamentals of graphic design, you should consult with a professional.


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